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Vichaiyut Story

Vichaiyut Hospital was established on June 9, 1969 with the l a n d a n d funding supported by Mr. Somporn Punyagupta a n d was named as “Vichaiyut Clinic” honoring the l a n d o w n e r “Lt. Gen. Phra Vichaiyut Dechakanee”.
The hospital was jointly founded by

Dr. Sompone Punyagupta
Dr. Sermsakdi Phenjati
Dr. Boonket Laovanich
Dr. Asawin Thepakam
Dr. Pradit Chareonthaitawee
Dr. Chawalit Preeyasombat
Dr. Thamrongrat Keokarn
Mr. Rangsi Rattanaprakarn
as a managing director at that time

At the early period after establishment, the hospital had 5 examination rooms, 1 operating room, 1 delivery room, 1 nursing room a n d 10 inpatient beds. The second, third a n d North Tower buildings were later added in 1979, 1989 a n d 1996 respectively increasing the capacity to 350 inpatient beds. In 2004, Vichaiyut Hospital Medical Center was constructed, aiming to provide specialty services including 75 outpatient examination rooms, 464 inpatient beds a n d the conference room with 1,000 people capacity. Currently the total capacity of all buildings is 149 examination rooms a n d 347 inpatient beds.


Our Philosophy, Vision, Mission & Value

Our Philosophy
Quality and Ethics

Our Vision
To preserve and maintain our patient’s faith in our professional and highest medical standard

Our Mission
To serve our patient with highest quality and medical standard on the basis of ethics and morality

Our Core Values
Our core values on Quality and Ethics are our specific attributes embedded and transferred to our staff to practice and inherit to other generation with the aim to maintain our standard working direction, becoming the principal culture for our hospital.

Awards & Honors

With moral and ethical treatment, we are the highly trusted hospital among patients. Vichaiyut Hospital submitted a request for a royal emblem on 22 November 1994. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej has granted the “Garuda” royal emblem for Vichaiyut Limited Company on 24 May 2004. The company has become the first private hospital having received this prestigious royal emblem. Practically, Vichaiyut has worked under His Majesty Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and our doctors, nurses and staff adhere to the high medical standards and ethics.

Board of Director

Lt. Gen. Clinical Professor, Dr. Naronk Rodwarna

Chairman of Board of Directors

Dr. Phrot Thongvanit

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Prapote Clongsusuek

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Chamnan Bhu-eiam

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Vichian Kanchanapoomi

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Kamthorn Phaosawasdi

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Phaiboon Jittivanich

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Surawut Prichanond

Member of Board of Directors

Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs

Member of Board of Directors

Mr. Gong Rungswang

Member of Board of Directors


Member of Board of Directors

Mr. Serm Phenjati

Member of Board of Directors


Member of Board of Directors