Pediatric care


Pediatric clinic cures both general child illnesses and specifically pediatric ailments

  • Allergy – Allergy can engender various diseases such as asthma, nose inflammation or rashes. The present-day’s environment enables children to be more allergic. Finding the cause and avoidance of things which engender allergy will ameliorate the symptoms.
  •  Heart Disease – Our duty is to probing for heart disease in children using modern technology. These include electrocardiography, application of high frequency wave to inspect heart’s configuration and functioning. Besides there is usage of tube injection in order to inspect states within heart’s holes and veins.
  • Respiratory Ailments – This department also remedy respiratory problems by means of insufflations, phlegm sucking, lung tapping done for phlegm emission, inspection of lungs’ effectiveness, probing of snoring, and inspection of breath stoppage during sleep.    
  • Hematology and Chemotherapy – What to be cured here are Thalassemia, pale symptom from diverse causes, Hemorrhagic disorders, and various types of cancer in children, transplantation of bone-marrow, and original cell transplantation, for instance.
  • Neurology – We cure epilepsy, being retarded by certain genetic ailments, myasthenia, and other neurologically contagious ailments.
  • Development Aspect – Discovery of children with development problems nowadays is increasing. Among many cases are incongruousness of age and development, kids who too slow to begin speaking, children with attention deficit disorder, and autistic youngsters. Also we provide intellectual inspection done by psychologists, speaking practice, and other kinds of remedy through activities therapy.
  • Diseases of Incretory Gland – We cure several ailments concerning incretory gland such as diabetes, thyroid illness, slow growth caused by privation of growth hormones, and prematurely pubescence, for instance.
  • Alimentary Canal System and Liver Illnesses – We inspect and cure ailments relating to stomach and intestine, indigestion, constipation, liver and biliary duct’s illnesses, and jaundice, for instance.
  • Ailments of Urinary Tract System – We cure problems of urinary tract system, blockade within several parts, pelvis renalis’ inflammation, inflammation of urinary tract, and chronic kidney disease caused by ailments of other systems.
  • Contagious Diseases – We also cure contagious maladies, mysterious fever, tuberculosis, ailments concerning malfunctioning of immunity, contagious illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, and several parasites.
  • Nutrition – Nutritional problems in children nowadays is increasing. Not only malnutrition disease (abnormal skinniness) and obesity (overweight) which affected children’s growth. Certain kinds of malnutrition can influence children’s intelligence. Besides, other incurrent diseases would perhaps occur, such as diabetes, arthropathy, or breath stoppage during sleep, for instance.
  • Development of Adolescents – Adolescence is an age of transition and difficulties therewith. Adolescents have them all such as mental confusions, difficulties of physical transformation’s adjustment, among others. Besides there are problems occurred during the coming of age period, educational adjustment, stress, online games addiction, and emotional / mental difficulties, for instance.
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