Operating room

There are two Operating Room (OR) available at Vichaiyut hospital. The OR at 6th floor of Vichaiyut Hospital – North Tower opened in 1998 with six operating rooms, available for a wide range of operation. This includes coronary artery bypass surgery a n d liver transplantation, a n d excludes pediatric surgery a n d obstetric surgery. The other OR locates in Vichaiyut Medical Center with five operating rooms available for the full spectrum of operation.

The OR is open 24 hours per day staffed with an o u t s t a n d i n g team of nurses, nurse practitioners a n d support staff. Their roles a n d responsibilities are clearly defined. There are guidelines available to help them undertake an operation accurately, fast a n d safely. After receiving the confirmation of surgical appointment, the nurses will have all medical supplies a n d equipment ready for use. After the surgery, the OR room will be cleaned a n d disinfected both inside a n d outside.