Vichaiyut’s intensive care unit accommodates both very ill patients and seriously ill patients who require constant monitoring such as patients with heart disease, coronary artery bypass surgery, respiratory failure, infections of organ systems, kidney failure, stoke and liver transplantation. We have a team of doctors led by critical care intensivists specialized in geriatrics, pulmonary and cardiology. A primary care doctor with consultation from specialty doctors and intensivists are available 24 hours together with experienced nurses specialized in critical care, geriatrics, cardiology, chemotherapy, infectious diseases and advanced resuscitation. The multidisciplinary care team also includes physicists and nutritionists.

ICU consists of single bed resided in a unit with standardized infection control, equipped with modern and functioned medical equipment.

Opening times: 24 hours

Visiting hours
9am – 4pm and
5pm – 9pm

7th Floor, Vichaiyut Hospital – North Tower
16th Floor, Vichaiyut Medical Center