Office Syndrome Treatment Package by Physical Therapist


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Office Syndrome Treatment Package by Physical Therapist

Valid from 1 January 2022-31 December 2022

*Not recommended for those who are sensitive to heat therapy.

High Power Laser Therapy (20 mins/time/spot) 1,000 THB

Office Syndrome Therapy (40 mins/time/spot)

Course S 3 times / 2,900 THB

Course M 5 times / 4,700 THB

Course L 7 times / 6,500 THB

Terms and Conditions
• The patient is required to consult with the rehabilitation doctor before attending the treatment. This package is not inclusive of doctor fee. The service fee and OPD patient service fee are included.
• Additional fee may occur should there is any other treatment implemented apart from the listed programs in this package.
• This package is for OPD patient only, cannot be used with other privileges and discounts for shareholders, contract companies, and insurance companies.
• The package fee will be charged in full amount even though the patient chooses not to take any check-up item and the check-up list cannot be changed.
• This package cannot be exchanged to cash and it can be used only one time, cannot be repeatedly used.
• These terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.
• This price is for Thai citizen and the foreigner living permanently in Thailand only.

For more information, please contact
Rehabilitation Clinic
9th floor, Vichaiyut Medical Center
Tel. 0-2265-7777

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