Vichaiyut Story

Vichaiyut Hospital was established on June 9, 1969 with the land and funding supported by Mr. Somporn Punyagupta and was named as “Vichaiyut Clinic” honoring the landowner “Lt. Gen. Phra Vichaiyut Dechakanee”.
The hospital was jointly founded by

  1. Dr. Sompone Punyagupta
  2. Dr. Sermsakdi Phenjati
  3. Dr. Boonket Laovanich
  4. Dr. Asawin Thepakam
  5. Dr. Pradit Chareonthaitawee
  6. Dr. Chaowalit Preeyasombat
  7. Dr. Thamrongrat Keokarn
    Mr. Rangsi Rattanaprakarn as a managing director at that time


At the early period after establishment, the hospital had 5 examination rooms, 1 operating room, 1 delivery room, 1 nursing room and 10 inpatient beds.

The second, third and North Tower buildings were later added in 1979, 1989 and 1996 respectively increasing the capacity to 350 inpatient beds.

In 2004, Vichaiyut Hospital Medical Center was constructed, aiming to provide specialty services including 75 outpatient examination rooms,

464 inpatient beds and the conference room with 1,000 people capacity.

Currently the total capacity of all buildings is 149 examination rooms and 347 inpatient beds.